Could this be the best value in the showroom?

With the introduction of the newest generation of the E-class sedan for model year 2010, the previous generation has become even more affordable on the pre-owned market. In fact, I’d go as far as calling the prices a downright bargain. For those who prefer the rounded shapes of the “older” design over the more angular look of the new one, now’s the time to act to snap up a remaining low mileage, well maintained example.

The E-class has always represented the epitome of the Mercedes-Benz sedan family. Smaller than the ultimate full-size S-class but imbued with many of its luxury features. Larger than the compact C-class but with a dash of its sporty handling. It’s hard to argue the merits of this “just-right-sized” sedan.

Nowhere is this excellent value better highlighted than in this silver on black 2008 E350 4Matic sedan currently in our showroom. With only 47,717 kms on the odometer this lightly travelled vehicle has averaged less than 12,000 kms per year. Loaded with many premium options such as navigation, heated steering wheel, heated front and rear seats, 10-way power seats with memory, power steering column, power trunk closure, parktronic sensors and many more, this all-wheel drive mid-sized sedan pretty much has it all.

It’s price back in 2008 was a whopping $80,650 new before taxes. That price was certainly befitting a car of it’s stature and class. Today this can be purchased for only $34,960. That’s almost 57% off its original price. And this also includes a standard Star Certified Warranty which covers the vehicle up to 2 additional years or a total of 120,000 kms.

Best value or what!?!


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