Pre-Owned Cars from Quebec

I read an interesting column by Eric Lai on this morning regarding a reader who is experiencing continuing issues with a used Kia purchased recently from a non-factory dealer. Turns out after a little research, the vehicle was originally registered in Quebec and had been listed as “retired from use” in June of 2010 but then passed safety in Ontario 3 days later.
I had a customer a little while ago ask me why prices in Quebec seemed so much cheaper and for the savings she would definitely consider traveling that distance to purchase the vehicle.
As Mr. Lai’s article goes on to describe, Quebec has an inadequate public vehicle history disclosure requirement which vehicle odometer readings are not noted at renewals and details of previous collision damage are not detailed nor necessarily appear in CarFax reports. He goes on to say “…DON’T BUY USED AUTOS FROM QUEBEC.”
Certainly based on the lack of transparency in used car disclosures, this would explain why prices in Quebec can be so enticing. Knowing this, should you still feel the potential savings too good to pass up remember to do your research, cross your fingers and hope for the best.


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