2015 E400 4Matic Sport Wagon

The wagon is probably the most underappreciated vehicle style in Canada (or in North America for that matter). Most customers tend to lean towards the boxier, more masculine and taller riding SUV’s with their “go anywhere” promise. Larger cargo capacity, extra passenger space and the additional traction of 4-wheel drive are the practical reasons for purchase.

2014-E-CLASS-WAGON-GALLERY-007-GOE-DAside from personal taste, the modern sport wagon possesses all of the positive attributes that customers look for in SUV’s without some of the compromises. Things such as a harsher ride quality, less stability due to a higher centre of gravity, heavier weight, higher fuel consumption, lower performance and reduced aerodynamics are qualities that are less than ideal.

2014-E-CLASS-WAGON-GALLERY-011-GOI-DOur new 2015 E400 4Matic Sport Wagon manages to check all of the positive boxes.

  • Power – all new 3.0 L Bi-turbo V6 with 329 hp and 354 lb/ft torque
  • Performance – 5.4 seconds from 0 to 100 kph
  • Traction – standard 4Matic permanent all-wheel drive
  • Cargo Capacity – 695 L with seats up / 1950 L with seats folded; maximum 595 kg payload
  • Passenger Capacity – 7 passengers with rear facing third row

2015_Mercedes-Benz_E-Class_E350_Sport_4MATIC_4dr_Wagon_AWD_35L_6cyl_7A_3929324With its sleek aerodynamic shape and low centre of gravity our E400 sport wagon delivers a quiet and confidence inspiring drive. Standard comfort suspension with rear airmatic load leveling ensures a balanced and comfortable ride.

For all but the most extreme circumstances our sport wagon can handle whatever demands our customers have.


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