Why Mercedes-Benz Vehicles Don’t Have Touch Screens?

I have been asked this question quite often.

Customers coming from other brands or are shopping other brands pose this question when they see our interiors.

The answer is two part.

The main reason is safety. Typically when drivers reach toward a front mounted screen to input a command, they are looking at their finger which means they are taking their eyes and focus off the road. When the input command takes more than one step this significantly decreases the attention paid to driving. By having the input control on the centre console it makes command entries safer and less distracting. As an example we don’t look at our hand operating a mouse when we work on our computers.

The secondary reason is ergonomics. By having the controls on the centre console this eliminates the reach factor depending on the position of the drivers seat.

A side benefit of our non-touch screen is that it will not have fingerprint marks.



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